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Our coaching at is about learning to focus on what you want.

It is easy to focus on everything that is going wrong and worry about what is going to happen in the future. It is also easy to focus on what is great about your life. Our coaches support YOU in focusing on what is happening now and what YOU can do about making the future the one that YOU want to live in.

Gain confidence
Improve Self esteem
Manage Fear
Deal with conflict
Acknowledge and set Boundaries

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“As a trained coach myself, I had all the knowledge and tools for improving my life, but couldn’t seem to put them into practice. In our regular sessions, Gladys helped me become very aware of how I was sabotaging my own career results as well as my relationships. Her blend of compassion and humor – and an occasional kick up the butt – was just what I needed to take action.”
Michelle, Hong Kong

With Gladys’ coaching, her help, her patience and her understanding I was able to become much confident in my work life, my private life and my outlook on life. She taught me that you can only control your own life, not of others, a lesson which, although sounds simple, has held me in great stead. 
Andy, Bangkok, Thailand

“When I first spoke to Gladys my confidence was in tatters. I had just had a break up of my relationship. I was full of fear, uncertainty and self doubt. Gladys was a constant source of support, guidance and inspiration. She never once judged anything, she supported me as my fears played out their natural path. Now I am living in Singapore, a General Manager, married to my beautiful wife and with two very cute kids. The evidence speaks for itself, Gladys is one of the best. You will be feeling very uncertain whether coaching and getting support from Gladys will help. This is very normal. My heart says to you, do it. You will never look back from this choice”.
Ian, Singapore

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